Our Team of Professionals

aboutEdwin F. Daugherty, Licensed Architect, Registered Landscape Architect

Mr. Daugherty is President and CEO of H2O FUTURES, an international design consulting firm.  He has over 30 years of professional experience in environmental planning and design, His particular expertise is applied seawater-related landscape technologies and natural, on-site waste water treatment systems.  Mr. Daugherty serves as a lecturer in design and landscape architecture and has been a featured speaker at symposia and technical conferences.

Norm Allenby, LLB, Onsite Water Treatment

Mr. Allenby is President of Onsite Water Treatment, Inc. Since the mid nineties he has been involved with ecologically designed systems for the on-site treatment of wastewater from individual homes, commercial facilities and subdivisions. The technologies, addressing the shortcomings of centralized treatment, save energy, nutrients and water. Mr. Allenby is a retired trial lawyer and presently a part-time mediator in San Diego, California. He is a graduate of Yale University and the University of Denver College of Law.

Tershia d’Elgin, Director of Projects

Ms. d’Elgin is a watershed advocate, habitat-restoration project manager, and author. She has distinguished herself as a fundraiser and community organizer, specializing in water conservation and water quality improvements. Her expertise includes political outreach, resource and health agency interaction, stewarding projects through permitting, and marketing. D’Elgin’s numerable recognitions include two U.S. Congressional awards.

Hany Elwany, Ph.D., Engineer, Oceanographer and Coastal Engineer

Dr. Elwany’s firm, Coastal Environments, has extensive experience with near-shore oceanography, coastal processes, coastal engineering, and estuarine dynamics.  His global projects include in-depth studies for Venice, Italy, and for Nile Delta erosion since construction of the Aswan Dam. He was principal investigator for San Onofre’s physical oceanographic program, one of the largest environmental studies ever conducted on the U.S. West Coast. Dr. Elwany is a professor at Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

Barney P. Popkin, Cal/PG & REA, CHMM, EuroGeol, ex-BRAC contractor, Hydrologist

Mr. Popkin has worked on water, wastewater, solid and hazardous waste, and environmental projects throughout the U.S. and worldwide. A former USGS Hydrologist, he is a California Registered Environmental Assessor and Geologist. Mr. Popkin completed PhD course work in Soil and Water Science (University of Arizona), and an MS in Hydrology (University of Arizona), BA in Geology (New York University), and certificates (honors) in Solid Waste, Hazardous Waste, and Business Management (University of California, Berkeley).

Chris Stransky, M.S., AMEC Earth & Environmental, Water and Sediment Quality Assesment

Mr. Stransky has extensive project management, field collection, testing, analysis, and reporting experience for environmental programs of every size. He is versed in all aspects of performing and interpreting chemical and toxicological tests under regulatory and research institution guidelines. Mr. Stransky holds his M.S. in Marine Ecology from San Diego State University.

Jason Benjamin Smith, Visual Communications

Mr. Smith is a visual communications specialist working at the intersection of culture and ecology.  With a diverse skill set in resource conservation and international studies, he has been involved in sustainable development and socially responsible travel in over 30 countries.  As a photographer and multimedia producer, Mr. Smith works with corporate and nonprofit partners to promote and implement environmental education, stewardship and economic restoration.